Press quotes and praise for Something Something Lazarus

The Stage “This cross-over piece has the potential for cult status” “As funny as it is surreal”

Grumpy Gay Critic “Unorthodox, unfettered, and unbelievable!” “Strap in and hold on, Something Something Lazarus takes no prisoners in this no holds barred assault on the musical theatre format.” “Something Something Lazarus is a bit like the first time you see a Picasso painting: it’s wild and alien, but there’s a lick of familiarity, sense, and sheer ingenuity that keeps you hooked.” “It’s a very clever equilibrium that keeps Something Something Lazarus fitting madly from start to finish without ever losing its grip on its own IQ.” “Something Something Lazarus is like coming across a live wire sparking and convulsing on the floor. It’s dangerous and unpredictable, and you probably should back off a little, but you just cannot help but be hypnotised and drawn in by it.” “Myatt consistently shows an incredible intelligence and vision throughout the show.” “Where Arrowsmith whips in some tutti there result is complex and outstandingly rich harmony work that just adds to the already impressive quality of writing …they torrent a lunatic energy that adds to the maelstrom that is this fabulous Frankenstein’s monster.” “Dan Phillips’ direction really fuels Something Something Lazarus, electric-shocking the verve but always with enough control to bring out the deeper and smarter thinking behind the show.” “Valerie Cutko … swaggers with a tatty glamour.” “Daniel Cech-Lucas … sporting quite a fantastic voice.” “Daisy Amphlett … a vivacious tornado of sass.” “Ralph Bogard … an actor with real emotive and performance clout.”

Gay Star News “There’s something about this show that borders on genius.” “A story of lost loves, the religion of show business, and attempted murder – delivered with witty dialogue and some punchy tunes. That’s a good night at the theatre.” “…a sensibility that reminded me of David Lynch’s surreal work, and Barton Fink from the Cohen brothers. Plus it’s genuinely funny!”

London Pub Theatres “As musicians the cast are top quality and deliver the catchy music with technical clarity.” “This is a musical to be seen and then talked about.” “There are certainly some moments of sheer hilarity which had the audience in prolonged stitches but mainly the attraction of this musical lies in its rich depth.”

The Curtain Up Show “So many different elements of theatre and theatricality.” “I absolutely loved it, I thought that whole (Act Two) section was thrilling.” “We expect things to fit into boxes. I went in thinking I was going to see a musical about a man with a hairy chest… it is actually something that continues, as you watch it, to change and evolve into other things.” About Valerie’s performance “For me watching you as an actress, you really shine. The number you did in Act Two about the Cathedral I thought that was beautiful both lyrically and musically.” “So original!” “A new brave piece of… I don’t even know if I would say it as a musical. You can’t classify it. There’s fantastic performances.” “Beautiful, memorable moments.”


LGBTQ Arts Review “Completely unconventional, the company have set out to create a new kind of musical, Something Something Lazarus is musical theatre as you’ve (probably) never seen it before.” “Dan Phillips succeeds with direction, and has managed to create a chaotic feel on stage, which palpably mirrors the chaos in the lives of the characters.” “If you’re a fan of the cabaret scene, then you should definitely head down to the Kings Head Theatre to catch this, it feels like Broken Cabaret are just starting on a voyage of discovery…” “Broken Cabaret are just starting on a voyage of discovery, and I suspect are on to something very marvellous indeed.”

The Plays the Thing “…has a British quirkiness that US imports, the most commonly produced musicals on the fringe and commercially, lack.” “Amphlett’s powerful voice and ferocious presence is a joy to watch along with her ability to play several instruments.” “It’s pretty typical meta, backstage fare but with music and dialogue flowing into each other like an actual rehearsal – a lovely change from standard musical theatre structure.” “John Myatt’s dialogue is punchy and fun, with plenty of bitchiness.” “The cabaret-in-my-head section is both surreal and more like an actual cabaret performance – a disorientating but more interesting outcome, and with more memorable songs by Simon Arrowsmith…” “The performances are excellent, the transmedia is a nice touch and it’s great to see British theatre makers creating new musical theatre that doesn’t follow American trends.”

Everything Theatre “A weird and wonderful mix of genres creates a unique production that always holds the attention.” “Wonderfully drawn characters inhabit an absorbing storyline mixing humour with quirky songs.” “Daisy Amphlett ably doubles up as musical director and plays a mean piano, accordion and ukulele; Ralph Bogard is memorable as the manically startled Daniel; Valerie Cutko was excellent as Vee; but perhaps the gold star should go to Daniel Cech-Lucas as nerdy barman Jay who transforms into cabaret host.”

Live Theatre UK “La Cage Aux Folles and Sweeney Todd married and on their wedding night made Chicago.” “Simon Arrowsmith’s score sounds fresh and invigorating, a natural next step beyond Bjork’s Dancer in the Dark.” “The dialogue is sharp, vulgar—meant with love—and so quick that the audience might best hear it all on a second viewing, which really is how the best comedy works.” “There’s so much going for Something Something Lazarus that it was an utter pleasure to watch and deserves a second viewing.”

British Theatre “At a time when we need to be developing new musical theatre talent in the UK, it’s encouraging to see work such as this.” “There are some musical gems on display here. Cathedral, Alive and Promises Apologies particularly.” “Something Something Lazarus is something unusual, something unique, and bodes well for the future of musical theatre in the UK.”