So that’s that then. The rehearsals are done, the props are made, the lights are plotted, the sound is set. We’re about as ready as we can be. And the ready we are is bloody ready.

You don’t know what you have sometimes. As half creator and half producer I’ve found it difficult to be objective about the work. If anything I’ve been highly sceptical about the quality and appeal of our show. I’ve erred on the side of caution throughout. An eye on the financials at all times. But after the final run throughs on Friday I threw all of that out and beamed with pride.

Pride isn’t something we do very well in the UK, unless it’s about remembering a war or a Eurovision Song Contest win (much the same thing I’m sure you’ll agree). But proud I was. Proud I am. Not of my own contribution. That would be distasteful wouldn’t it, and tempting a fall. Not the done thing. Proud instead of the work that our director, actors and technical creative teams have achieved in three short weeks. What I saw on Friday afternoon was an exciting, well structured and solid piece of theatre. Whether others will see that I can’t say, but for me it feel strong. It felt something to be proud of. Even in a stark Hackney church hall I felt moved by performances, captivated by a story and transported by songs. I can only hope that in it’s home at The King’s Theatre it will feel the same.

We’ve been plugging the production on social media, print and online advertising. We’ve been making offers to groups and audiences to try and drive interest. But right now sales are slow – something that is normal for a fringe show before it opens. We’re asking people to take a gamble on a new story, a new(ish) theatre company and a new (kind of) musical. As if that wasn’t enough we’re on at 9.30pm at night. Fringe is fun! At this point though, it’s less about making back our £20k investment and more about hoping people come to see the work that this incredible team have produced. But that’s out of of my hands. I can just keep pushing, keep hoping.

I’ll just sit back and enjoy the unknown.