I’m writing this first blog post from a bar in Buxton. It’s a bar but I’m not drinking. Well I’m drinking coffee, but you know what I mean. There’s WiFi, there’s food and there’s warmth from a very windy Peak District! I’ve got my laptop and my iPhone. What more do I need? (Well yes, coffee…)

The BC team are spread around the country this week undertaking different projects and I’m trying to keep things co-ordinated from the back of the bar. Looking longingly at the bottles of Fleurie and remembering that I have to drive so I’m not going to indulge this lunchtime! As far as the co-ordination goes, I’m doing okay so far. Casting announcement sent, website updated, costume budget issued, printers chased, rehearsal site visit organised… A pretty good morning.

Now it’s off to a quick meeting and then back down the M1 to meet up with the rest of the team. The glamour of it all! Oh that red wine does look good. No Simon! It’s only lunchtime and you’re working! Only 2 weeks until rehearsals start. I get the feeling there will be more remote production offices between now and then. If it’s got wifi and warmth and coffee…