Broken Cabaret in association with the King’s Head Theatre present SOMETHING SOMETHING LAZARUS

A new (kind of) musical

Book & lyrics John Myatt
Music Simon Arrowsmith
Director Dan Phillips

“Strap in and hold on, Something Something Lazarus takes no prisoners in this no holes barred assault on the musical theatre format.”

Grumpy Gay Critic

“There’s something about this show that borders on genius.”
Gay Star News

“This cross-over piece has the potential for cult status”
The Stage

“Completely unconventional, the company have set out to create a new kind of musical, Something Something Lazarus is musical theatre as you’ve (probably) never seen it before.”
LGBTQ Arts Review

“This is a musical to be seen and then talked about.”
London Pub Theatres


It’s easy to escape the disaster that was today… the weekend that wasn’t… the one true love you’ll never forget.

Enter the world of cabaret, where the wine aint fine but the company’s classy. Meet Vee, clinging to the stage. Della, attacking piano. Jay in his pants at the bar. And of course Daniel, as always, barely managing.

Today’s Friday. They haven’t got long to rehearse the song with the knife. But something’s been delivered. Something that can crack open clocks. And their final hour is about to go horribly wrong. See the problem with the past, it never stays buried. And whatever happens, the show must go on.

So laugh, kick back, find whatever comfort you can. Because there’s some things in life that cabaret just can’t cure. Or maybe it can…

Image by Lee Faircloth (c) 2016

Have a look at our rehearsal & production photos. Photography by Jamie Scott-Smith.

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