A new way to tell stories

Something Something Lazarus is a show with a little extra. The show is already different. A play with music followed by a fantasy cabaret set inside someone’s head. A story of lost loves, the religion of show business, and attempted murder. Yep. Pretty different. But why stop there? If you’re going to play with a form might as well play rough, right?

Enter the world of transmedia storytelling.

Given that our sister company Grow the Story have been using the tools and techniques of transmedia to great effect with their business clients, it made sense to bring them into the fold on the Something Something journey. For the uninitiated, a transmedia story is one that is told across a number of different platforms – live, written, digital, ARPG, social… But more than just that. Each element of the story can stand on its own and yet is at its strongest when an audience can connect the dots. Great, see the show – we hope you’ll love every minute – but if you see the show having visited the character’s websites or having played the game that reveals some hidden depths? Well, you get an even more rewarding and richer story experience. All for the exploration. And for backers of our Kickstarter there’s even a map to key places and a hidden interactive game.

See that? That’s a form in pieces on the ground, that is (screaming and giggling of course!).

Go have a click around by following one of the three links below…

Explore the mind of our resident pianist Della. Learn more about the events that lead to the moment when a rehearsal goes very wrong. Hear extracts from her own new musical. Follow her on Twitter and interact with her online.

Jay tumbles – he’s on tumblr that is. Here is a glimpse of the world that he inhabits, the music he creates and the dangerous path he treads.

Enter the world of Midnight Sun. Click about to see the cabaret club of yesterday, not the bar of today that is slowly descending to life on the skids. Learn about Daniel’s divas and the powerhouse that is Vee.